The appliance will be connected to existing services only.

The services must be live and working.

We require a 13 amp power socket, waste, hot and cold water supply underneath the work surface within 500mm.

The minimum hot and cold water pressure required is 2 bar. Combi tanks only require a cold water supply.

  • The Quooker PRO3 tank requires 480mm of height space and is 150mm in diameter.
  • The Quooker PRO7 and Combi 2.2 tanks require 550mm of height space and are 200mm in diameter
If the criteria above have not been met on the arrival of the engineer, a return visit may be required which will be charged to the ordering party at cost of 96 GBP inc VAT.    


If you have specified a Flex tap please note we require at least  500mm deep X 200mm wide space below the tap position under the worktop in the cupboard.

This is required to allow the weight that operates the FLEX hose to move freely up and down. If it becomes restricted it will not operate as intended.


Please contact us if you have any questions.  

0207 9233355