03 November 2017

Dutch Design Awards 2017: Quooker Flex product of the year

Co-founder and designer Niels Peteri is delighted with the award. “Innovation focusing on clear, functional aesthetics is in our company’s DNA. This award recognises the input of all our colleagues who have worked on this amazing product with such passion for so many years.

The Quooker Flex adds new functionality to the rapidly growing product category created by Quooker: the ‘boiling-water tap’. A new feature is the flexible extendable hose for rinsing the basin, cleaning a large board or filling a vase. The concept of the Quooker Flex is unique worldwide and patented.

The jury writes that the integration of the boiling water and mixer tap makes the Quooker more versatile than ever. According to the jury members, the challenge to separate the boiling water option from the cold water function effectively - and above all in a safe and child-friendly way - has been achieved successfully and attractively. “This evolution, so typical for Quooker, of continuous optimisation, brings comfortable functionality into the home. Particularly because the Quooker Flex really saves water and energy.”

Niels Peteri confirms the daily comfort his product brings. “The boiling water tap is now an indispensable feature of the modern kitchen. While it was a luxury gadget a number of years ago, the Quooker has now become an essential part of the kitchen. Compare it with the arrival and now the normality of installing a dishwasher or microwave in a kitchen.”

About Quooker

Quooker BV is based in Ridderkerk, where it has 11,000 square metres of industrial space. Here more than 235 people work on the development, production and marketing of the Quooker. There are Quooker factories in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Quooker was invented in the 1970s by the Dutch physicist Henri Peteri. At Univlever, he was involved in developing instant soup and realised that to make soup really instant, you would need instant boiling water. After leaving Unilever, he started work on this idea in his basement at home. His sons Niels and Walter went on to build up the company to what it is today.

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