29 August 2012
Quooker celebrates 25 years of boiling water straight out of the tap - 0

Quooker celebrates 25 years of boiling water straight out of the tap

The origins: Dutch

The Quooker was invented in the 1970s by a Dutch physical engineer called Henri Peteri. At the time he was involved in the development of instant soup for the company Unilever. He thought it would be easier to have boiling water straight out of the tap to make the soup truly instant.

Innovation upon innovation, energy efficient
The Quooker was the very first boiling water tap in the world and since its invention Quooker has continued to innovate. For instance, Quooker was the first to come up with a carbon filter and a jet of water that was not solid. But it also made innovations in energy efficiency, such as the revolutionary high vacuum insulation tank and a Quooker Combi that really does save energy by taking over the hot water function from the central heating.

The Quooker is still manufactured in the Netherlands
Production of the Quooker takes place in its own factory. Essential components are still produced by the company and a few parts are supplied. The entire assembly, including the requisite quality check, is done in Ridderkerk. The production process also makes use of the sheltered employment scheme.

Available in nine countries and still growing
Quooker b.v. has taken the original concept of the Quooker and expanded into an international company. Peteri’s sons, Niels and Walter, built the company up and turned it into what it is today. Besides supplying the Netherlands – where almost one in five new kitchens comes with a Quooker – Quooker b.v. also does business in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The company’s turnover in 2012 amounts to over 25 million euro. And, it is still growing.

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