I have noticed you have a PRO3-VAQ and a PRO7-VAQ, how do I decide which is most suitable?

80% of Quooker sales are of the PRO3-VAQ model. This has a capacity of 3 litres and will provide 3 litres on demand; 15 litres in the first hour of a day and then 12 litres thereafter. The PRO7-VAQ will provide 7 litres on demand; 35 litres in the first hour of a day and then 28 litres thereafter.

For families of up to 4 people, who do not entertain more than 8 people at a time, a PRO3-VAQ will be adequate. For larger families with more significant entertaining demands, we suggest the PRO7-VAQ. Remember, an average kettle only has a capacity of 1.8 litres.


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