Quooker black

An exciting choice for your kitchen

Black is associated with power, elegance, formality and mystery. Black is a dark colour, the darkest colour there is. Black can stand for strength and power. It is formal, elegant and high-class.

Dark romance

Dark colours in materials emanate from European design. With the Quooker in black we present the first black 100°C boiling-water tap which works well in almost any kitchen style.

The advantages of a Quooker

The Fusion black tap has all the same advantages as the familiar Quooker taps. It delivers water at a true 100°C, saves time, energy, water and money. 
The childproof push and turn handle, insulated spout and ine aerated spray ensure no risk of scalding or burning. The boiling water control is entirely seperate from the standard hot and cold. The Fusion black is also available with the new cold water filter option.