Did Quooker invent the boiling water tap?

The whole concept of the boiling water tap started with Quooker. From the start, Henri Peteri, whose vision it was, set his mind to creating a tap which would completely replace the kettle in the modern kitchen. By deciding this, he set himself some ambitious goals, so it’s not surprising that he took time to perfect his invention before launching it on the market.

From the outset, he felt that his tap had to dispense genuine 100°C boiling water instantaneously, because that’s what it takes to replace a kettle. If he were to produce a tap that gave very hot, but not boiling water, he reasoned, you would still need both a hot tap and a kettle, which would be pointless.

He also wanted the tap, which he named the Quooker, to be timesaving, and take less energy to operate than a kettle, so that its overall running costs would be less than the kettle too. So he didn’t give up until he had perfected a system that would hold water in a vacuum flask at 110°C and dispense it at a true 100°C boiling from the spout. Succeeding in all these aims, he achieved a world first which still can’t be copied because of the patented technology that he created.


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