Do you offer different designs and finishes?

Quooker taps are available in a variety of different designs, styles and finishes. The first choice you will need to make is whether you require a tap just to dispense 100°C boiling water or whether you require the tap to dispense cold, hot and 100°C boiling water.

If you require 100°C boiling water only, then you have the choice of the Basic, Modern, Design and Classic; all of which are available in polished chrome, stainless steel or brushed chrome; or the Nordic square and Nordic round; which are both available in polished or brushed chrome. All these styles are complete with 360° rotation, push and turn safety mechanism and the distinctive Quooker rise and fall feature. This allows you to fill taller vessels on the worktop so you don’t have to lift them out of the sink and onto the cooker when preparing meals.

With the Basic, Modern, Design and Classic styles, you use your own kitchen mixer tap. However, with the Nordic square and Nordic round you have an option to purchase a matching Quooker style mixing tap. These sets are called Nordic TWINTAPS.

If you require a single tap that delivers cold, hot and 100°C boiling water then you would choose the FUSION. Fusion provides all the benefits of Quooker technology and has the double push-and turn safety handle. Energy, water and time-efficient, it also saves space. And it’s just so amazingly convenient – switching from cold to boiling water and back in an instant; ready to help you in countless kitchen tasks. The Fusion tap is available with a square or round profile and in a chrome or brushed chrome finish.


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