Has anything in the COMBI tank been changed to gain the A label?

At Quooker, sustainability has been high on our requirements list right from the first product concept. Our tanks are manufactured with vacuum insulation that ensures that the energy loss is minimal. This has always been the case, and will remain so in the future. The introduction of the label qualification by the EU confirms that Quooker boilers are sustainable.

The energy label that an appliance carries is determined by its energy efficiency. Due to energy loss in the generation of energy in power stations in 2015, an electrical appliance can achieve a maximum energy efficiency of 40%. The loss (non-beneficial use of the energy) that an appliance suffers, in Quooker's case the standby power consumption, reduces this efficiency further still.

Because a Quooker is fitted with high-vacuum insulation cladding, the energy loss, is only 10 watts. Due to this, the total ernergy efficiency for the Quoker tanks is 36% and this results in an A label for the Quooker COMBI tanks in the XXS category.


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