Is it safe to deliver water at 100°C?

Boiling water needs treating with respect, so it’s no surprise that the first thing that a lot of people ask us is whether it’s really safe to have a tap which dispenses 100°C boiling water in a kitchen. What is sometimes a surprise to them is the realisation that it’s actually much safer having a Quooker tap than a kettle in the kitchen.

The Quooker tap is installed at the back of the worktop over the sink and cannot be pulled towards the front of the worktop.

A kettle, once boiled, contains an average of between 1.1 and 1.7 litres of boiling water. If this is tipped over a person, particularly a young child, it can do serious, extensive and sometimes, sadly, permanent harm.

The Quooker tap dispenses boiling water in a steady flow in a spray format. The aerated delivery allows you to pass a hand through the flow without scalding yourself. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to keep your hand in the flow of boiling water, but you’d snatch your hand away as soon as you felt the heat. What makes a huge and critical difference is that by comparison you may get a few drops of boiling water on your skin or clothing – you won’t be soaked by over a litre of it.


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