How do I draw boiling water from the tap?

All Quooker taps have a safe double push-and-turn handle. Thanks to this handle, you can never accidentally draw boiling water from a Quooker tap. This is because you first need to push the handle twice and then turn it. Only then does the boiling water flow out of the tap.

To easily draw a second cup of tea, within 3 seconds after using the boiling water function you can again draw boiling water by pushing and turning the handle just once.

The counter-intuitive push-and-turn movement means that the chance of using the boiling water tap ‘accidentally’ is very small. However, despite all the safety measures described here, users of the Quooker system should still always remember to take care when using boiling water.

For example, make sure that children don’t use the tap as a toy and don’t allow children to use and/or clean the product without supervision.


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