How do I switch my Quooker on or off?

The Q-shaped button on top of the tank is the on/off-switch. Gently press the foot of the Q to switch the Quooker on or off. When you first switch on the tank or when you have dispensed boiling water, the solid red light will appear on the tap and the tank – this is to indicate that the tank is heating the water. When the tank is on, fully heated and ready to use, the light on the tap will go out and the light on top of the tank should fade in and out in a gentle pulse. We call this the “heartbeat” of the tank.

Please note, in older Quooker tanks, the on/off switch is at the back of the tank towards the top.

See more about the tap/tank lights by referring to the section of the FAQs: What do the lights on my tank and tap mean?


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