We proudly present the newest innovation of Quooker: CUBE. Equipped with a CUBE the Quooker tap provides 100˚C boiling, cold and hot as well as filtered sparkling and chilled water. All from one tap. Ideal to enjoy a glass of pure water or to make delicious lemonades and cocktails. Easy to operate, timesaving, energy saving, water saving and environmentally friendly as the CUBE makes plastic water bottles a thing of the past.

Special offer for a working CUBE in your showroom

For you as trusted Quooker dealer, it is possible to have a working CUBE in your showroom from the beginning of April. For you the best way to get acquainted with Quookers latest innovation and be consumer-ready before we start our huge advertising campaign.

Please select one of our offers* for a CUBE in your showroom

Offer 1: price 250 GBP*
When your current Quooker tank serial number starts with VCW/CCW AND the tap serial number with QW1/QW2.

Offer 2: price 500 GBP*
When your current Quooker tank serial number does not begin with VCW/CCW AND/OR tap serial number does not begin with QW1/QW2. We will exchange the relevant incompatible part and add the CUBE onto your display.

You can choose a Flex or a Fusion tap in polished chrome or stainless steel with a PRO3 or COMBI tank.

You will also receive 5 CO2 cylinders, the CUBE promo package and free installation by a Quooker engineer.

Please note if you have a compatible tank, we will add the CUBE and exchange the tap. If neither tap/tank are compatible, we will provide a full new system and a CUBE.

*The offers only apply to placements in functional kitchens of our kitchen dealers.

**Note: The CUBE and the new Quooker system are applicable with a Scale Control or Cold Water Filter you might have. If you wish to receive a new Scale Control, we offer you this for the regular discount of 50%. As an Activated Carbon filter and a Hollow Fiber filter are integrated in the CUBE we will take back the Cold Water Filter with the installation.


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